IPL Hair Removal


IPL Hair Removal

IPL is Intense Pulsed Light called Standard Waveband Technology and is often referred to as Laser. IPL removes unwanted hair in minutes and lasts for years. Clinical studies show that typically between 3-6 sessions are needed in intervals of 1-3 months.
Please note it is imperative to avoid sun exposure and tanning (including self tanning products) before and during the treatment period. We recommend that a high sunscreen (min spf 30) is worn for four weeks before and after the treatments.
Priced per session.

Upper lip £40

Upper lip and chin £65 

Under arm £65

1/2 arm £90

Full arm £125

Regular bikini (knicker line) £50

Extended bikini (2cm in from knicker line) £60

Brazilian (everything apart from a strip or triangle and centre crease) £85

Hollywood (everything! Including centre crease) £110

Lower leg (to the top of the knee) £120

Full leg £180

Full leg and extended bikini £210

Full leg and Hollywood £250

Thighs £120 Full back £150

Full back and shoulders (men's) £190

1/2 back (men's) £90 Chest (men's) £150

1/2 chest (men's) £90