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Age Summum Treatment

The Age Summum Treatment is the alternative to plastic surgery for treating immediately signs of ageing : wrinkles and fines lines, loss of firmness, lack of radiance.

Price: £75.00

Time: 1 hour

Guinot Lift

This is our most anti ageing and firming Guinot treatment. Using micro current to re educate and lift the muscles, the Guinot lift gives a tighter, lifted more youthful appearance to the face and neck. The lift includes a massage and mask.

Price: £45.00

Time: 1 hour

Mini Lift

This is the express version of the treatment above and provides lifting and muscle work!

Price £35.00

Course of 10: £315.00

Time:30 mins

 Hydradermie Eye Lift.


This treatment is specifically to concentrate on the eyes only softening fine lines, lifting and firming the muscle.


Price: £29.00


Time: 30 mins


Hydra Lift

This is the ultimate Guinot experience, combining the famous Hydradermie facial with muscle toning effects of the Lift.

Price: £80.00

Time: 1 hour 30 mins  


This is an all round facial which deep cleanses whilst infusing the skin with extreme hydration. Using galvanic rollers, the Hydradermie facial works deep into the layers of skin to achieve long lasting results.

The benefits of this facial can be felt for 7 days; much longer than traditional hands on facials. Pure relaxation is guaranteed as this facial includes a soothing face, neck and shoulder massage and a stress relieving pressure point massage. This treatment is tailor made, using the full range of Guinot skin care to suit every skin type.

Price: £45.00

Time: 1 hour

Hydradermie Plus

This is a three in one treatment that consists of the traditional Guinot Hydradermie facial, but also specifically targets the eye area and neck; the areas that tend to show signs of aging. It is a tailor made facial using specific products to get the best possible individual results for each client. This is an extreme, intensive, anti aging facial, with long lasting results. If you want luxury, then choose this. You will leave feeling totally pampered and rejuvenated.

Price: £55.00

Time: 1 hour 15 mins


Les Aromatic

This is an ideal facial if you’ve never experienced the amazing relaxing effects a facial has. This is a good all round general facial to suit all skin types, even sensitive skin. Using plant and flower extracts, the skin is exfoliated, massaged and a radiance mask is applied. Really pampering and loved by all, Les Aromatic is an ideal gift.

Price: £36.50

Time: 45 mins

Beaute Neuve

Meaning ‘new beauty,’ this is an extremely exfoliating treatment that uses fruit acids and enzymes for an intensive peeling effect. Instant radiance is achieved by the removal of the layer of dead skin cells which make's the complexion appear dull and tired. This treatment is ideal for sluggish skin that needs a lift or for an extreme deep clean to congested skin. For the complete Beaute Neuve peeling effect, three consecutive facials over three weeks achieves the amazingly smooth rejuvenated results.

Price: £40.00

Time: 1hour


Only for skin aged 25 years+, this is an extreme anti-aging facial. Using Vitamin C and Protein, this salon treatment strengthens the skin’s natural elasticity and promotes collagen production. Focusing on the problems associated with aging skin, the Liftosome treatment tightens the facial tissue and stimulates cellular regeneration. From just a single facial, the instant lifting effect is apparent and is ideal before a special occasion. The results, however, can be prolonged and intensified by completing a course of two facials over two consecutive weeks.

Price: £42.00

Time: 1 hour

Hydra clean

This mini express Guinot treatment is an intensive deep clean that gives a fresh squeaky clean feel to al skin types.

Price: £25.00

Time: 30 mins


Aromatherapy Express

Ultimate pampering and relaxation in a flash, this mini facial is purely designed to de-stress and calm the body and mind. It begins with a superficial, then deep cleanse and is then followed by a luxurious face, neck and scalp massage. It culminates with a pressure point massage using an individual blend of essential oils. (Not suitable during pregnancy)

Price: £30.00

Time: 45 mins

Aromatherapy Experience

Now this is real luxury!

Every part of your body and mind will be left feeling totally relaxed and de-stressed. The skin is first cleansed, toned and gently exfoliated and then the treat really begins. Starting with the chest, neck and shoulders, we will relieve tense muscles with a soothing detox massage, which stimulates the lymphatic system. A gentle face and scalp massage will then help you to float away, whilst a sensory pressure point massage focuses on stress points on the face and scalp leaving you feel totally relaxed. A customised facial mask is then applied, whilst the hands and arms are massaged using aromatherapy oils. Steaming hot towels complete this all round pamper session. Heaven…

Price: £42.00

Time: 1 hour 15 mins

Tea Tree Facial

This facial is designed specifically for young, teenage skin types. Tea tree is a natural antiseptic which has deep cleansing and healing properties making it ideal for congested, acne prone skin or just problematic hormonal break out. This express facial leaves the skin feeling refreshed, smoother and tingly clean.

Price: £25.00

Time: 45 mins

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